Anxiety During Work

I have had my fair share of anxious moments at the worst times. Sometimes it can happen in the middle of a work day which is the worst! It used to happen to me a lot more often but I think I have found a few little ways to make the anxiety subside.

1. Bathroom Breaks

I take a bathroom break every 1.5-2 hours or so, I don' care if it seems like a lot, I need it in order to do my job. Even when I don't actually have to...go...I go into a stall, take deep breaths, find a quote on Pinterest and head back to work.

2. Starting the Morning Right

The morning can really set the tone of your day so it's important to have a slow morning so you don't feel rushed, which can lead to anxiety at work. Wake up 30 minutes earlier, prep the night before and have a slow mindful morning.

3. Focus on your body throughout the day

If you can have your phone near you, set a "body check" reminder. Unclench your jaw, lower your shoulders, release your tongue from the roof of your mouth, and breathe.

4. Unwind the right way

Sometimes what gets me through an anxious spell at work is knowing I get to fall back on my unwinding routine when I get home. Sometimes it means getting to go to the gym and listening to my uplifting workout playlist, having a nice hot shower and cozying up to right a blog post, or grabbing dinner with a friend.