Back to the Self

Lately I have felt so disconnected from myself and my surroundings. I recently moved, dealt with some serious events that linger their way into nightmares, and am entering into my second semester in my Masters program. Amongst other personal issues, it's fair to say a lot has been going on for many of us this year and this past month specifically.

Sometimes it feels as though my mind and brain are two separate entities and I am watching my life unfold instead of being in it. It's like I need to fuse the mind, body, and spirit to feel whole, back to my normal self. Have you ever experienced this?

I have everything I could ever want in life, yet this feeling has crept in trying to disrupt the perfection, or perhaps show me what I really need to be working on...the mind. I have the amazing man, education, career, finances, physical health, family and love, new apartment in the city.. yet this feeling of disconnect has never been stronger.

It is my 2021 mission to work on my mind and enjoy the process of evolving. Although it may not be the most comfortable feeling at times, discomfort is temporary. I will be sharing bits of my life that make me feel whole again so that you can feel whole too. My goal is for us all to look and feel like an amazing beautiful nourishing version of ourselves this year.

Let me know what some of your internal goals are for this new year by sending me a message through the members portal, emailing me, or DM me on Instagram :)

I hope this message serves you well and you have gained something from it.

Remember to breathe deeply today <3