Internal Work Towards Sleep

Something we have all struggled with at some point, or still struggle with. Why do we all share this experience...? Well it's because it's a lot more complex than spraying your pillow with lavender before bed. Don't get me wrong, this is a great tip and I use this one to help set the tone, but let's dive a little deeper...

1. What are you doing during your day

What you do during your day impacts you later on. Focus on keeping your stress levels down throughout the day, and make sure you're fitting in time to stretch or do a good workout to burn leftover energy, and to let those endorphins flow.

2. Unresolved Issues

We all have something lingering in the back of our minds at times, it's normal but that doesn't make it healthy. Journal out your thoughts, write your intentions list for the next day before you go to sleep so when you wake up you already have a game plan for the day.

Maybe it's time to start seeing a therapist to talk out some deeper unresolved issues or concerns you have. Get that weight off your shoulder little by little.

3. Diet

Take a good look at your diet. Is it supporting you appropriately? So much of our food is highly processed these days, make sure you have more fresh foods in your fridge than processed snacks in your cupboard.

As for supplements to support sleep, I highly recommend taking an all natural magnesium capsule at night for calmness and muscle recovery and many other benefits. I take this along with Zinc Citrate to optimize the benefits. My favourite brand is Sisu.

* Ask you doctor/naturopath before consuming supplements