Meditation Hacks

I get it...meditating isn't for everyone...except IT IS. I used to hate the idea of sitting down to be quiet to "meditate". I hated it until I realized why I hated it. When you don't want to meditate is when you need it the most. Going from a meditation hater to a meditation lover and advocate, I have compiled a list of some of MY meditation hacks that have really helped me!

  1. Realize that meditation is not what is making you angry and restless. You were already feeling this way and meditation made you realize it. The more you meditate and practice breath work, the less restless you will feel.

2. There is no "right" way to meditate

Sit down on your bed, go on a walk (there's walking meditations for that), lay in bed, stretch, do whatever. There are different meditations and ways to meditate for your specific concerns...but technically there is no "right" way to meditate, so let go of your fear of failure.

3. Do short meditations when you don't feel like meditating

When I really don't feel like meditating but know I should because I care about my wellbeing, I opt for a 5 - 10 minute meditation rather than a longer one. It keeps me motivated to continue the next day.

4. Clean my Space prior to meditating

I like to make my bed and clean my space before meditating. Clear space equals a clear mind and vice versa.

5. Set the Tone

Sometimes I like to really get in the vibe of a yogi or meditation whizz by setting the tone. I do this by laying out a yoga mat, making some tea, and maybe light a candle.

Set the tone, have fun with it!