My Everyday Green Juice

I love my green smoothies but sometimes they're just too much...and sometimes I just need a quick way to get my greens in without feeling full. I have finally perfected my everyday green juice recipe...without a juicer! This juice give you so much energy, and when I drink it almost everyday, my skin is GLOWING. It is so refreshing and way cheaper than buying a premade green juice.

My Everyday Green Juice (Without a Juicer):

* No measurements here, just eyeball it. I make a lot at once to have for the work week and keep it in a big mason jar and pour it into smaller ones before work each day*

  1. 3 or 4 celery stalks

  2. Large handful of frozen pineapple

  3. Large handful of organic spinach

  4. 1 banana (optional)

  5. Small spoonful of spirulina powder (I use the giddy-yoyo brand)

  6. Coconut water

  7. Dash of organic mango juice or some other fruit juice

  8. Blend it all up in your blender

  9. Pour it into a nut milk bag (linked here) and into a large bowl. Squeeze out the juice and the fibers will be left in the nut milk bag (just compost those). Then pour your juice into a large mason jar and you're good to go! Sometimes I like to use a funnel for less spillage.

Enjoy this super healthy, protein, green algae packed smoothie for glowing skin and healthy insides!